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About us

History of the Firm:

Fatehpuria Transformers and Switchgears (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1981. In its stage of infancy the firm developed the designing and manufacturing of 16 KVA Sealed Transformers, 25 KVA completely self protected transformers satisfying the technical specifications of Rural Electrification Corporation. The firm was successful in its task and got all the requisite type tests done as per requirements of R.E.C. in regard to designing as well as successful running to withstand the requirements of ISS.



In 1985, the company, entered a new era in enhancing the manufacturing capacity of transformers from 500 KVA to 1000 KVA capacity in 11 KV Class. Another milestone in the history of the firm was added when we undertook manufacturing 3150 KVA transformers of 33/11 KV Class; it was successfully tested at Central Power Research Institute, Bhopal in the year 1993.

The firm is a well known name in the field of manufacturing quality Distribution Transformers from 16 KVA to 3150 KVA capacity as well as Power Transformers up to 10000 KV rating.

Firm has its own in house facilities for fabrication of transformer tanks and processing of laminations being directly imported, thus giving a very good quality of material using state Art Technology in designing and manufacturing process.

Company is also manufacturing Dry Type Transformers since 1997. It is also listed in vendor list of Power Grid Corporation of India for the supply of Power Transformers, supplied more than 20 Nos. for PGCIL Project in Bihar. Company also introduced automatic overload protection system which safeguards transformers from failure and also berried theft/overloading. Company has also introduce automatic overload protection system (AOPS) for distribution transformer which safeguard transformer from failure and also berried theft/overloading.

The noble achievement of the company is to introduce Low Losses/ Star rated to reduce transmission losses. The Low Losses transformers are certified by Bureau   of energy efficiency(BEE).

Company is expanding its business in the field of generation of energy & has installed one wind turbine generator of 0.8 MW in the State of Karnataka during (2006-07) financial year. It also started manufacturing of Single Phase Transformers.

Company is the member of the following associations:

  1. Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association.
  2. Engineering Export Promotion Council.

Future Plans:

The Company has a covered area of 45000 Sq. ft on a land of approximate 120000 Sq. ft. equipped with own design/testing laboratories using the latest instruments and equipments. The unit is quite capable to cater any specific requirement of our valued customers not only in State of Rajasthan but throughout the country in a very smooth and efficient manner.

The company now intends to expand its capacity and capability in respect of still higher voltage class and is therefore planning to have a new factory while using a very fine state of Art Technology for manufacture and repair of 220 KV Class Transformers having capacity up to 50000 KVA. Our team of experts is working hard to finalize the market and is quite hopeful that our valued clients i.e. State Electricity Boards will give their whole hearted support to the above expansion program of the company.


We have been awarded by a single export order in global tender by the Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal in stiff competition for supply of 630 Nos. various rating Distribution Transformers as well as from PEC, Aden (Yemen) for supply of 123 Nos. various rating who have manufactured supply of 6300 KVA, 33/11 KV Transformers and got short Circuit & Impulse test conducted successfully by CPRI, Bhopal and NTH, Ghaziabad. Thus, ours is a premier company in the field of transformers in the State of Rajasthan standing with a capacity of 20 MVA Power Transformers.

Company has added a future milestone for supplying transformers under Japanese Government added fund to Nepal through Japanese Buyers. It further stepped up during 2007-08 with special range of transformers to second continents of Africa with earthing transformers as well as hermetically sealed corrugated type transformers.

Fatehpuria Transformer Fatehpuria Transformer
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