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Fatehpuria Transformer Fatehpuria Transformer

Fatehpuria Transformers are designed by most component and highly qualified engineers by implementation of the latest technology developed in our R & D Wing.


We are importing directly Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steel of best available quality of Japan and USA and process the same in our core cutting division using very precision machinery for its accuracy and to achieve best core losses and magnetizing current in our finished transformers.


The Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) Coils are also manufactured in our plant. Both HV & LV strips/wires are insulated to withstand the BIL 75 KVP for 11 KV Class and BIL 170 KVP for 33 KV Class winding. Adequate horizontal and vertical ducts are provided to limit the temperature gradient within specific limits.


LV Coils are placed next to the core around which the HV Coils is concentrically placed. All the connections are supported properly to prevent movement of leads during transportation and in services.


The core coil assembly is put in the oven for drying at a required temperature for a specific time to make it completely moisture free and is processed further only after having its insulation level above 2000 Mega Ohms.


The transformer tank and radiators are also manufacture at our tank division. The tanks are fabricated from the best available commercial grade mild steel plates which are suitably stiffened. Tanks are tested for oil leakage, pressure and vaccum test as per CBIP specifications to ensure that there is no leakage of oil during its service.


The oil filling is conforming to IS 335/1993 with ageing characteristics.


The inside portion of the tank and all the oil filled compartments are coated with oil and heat resistant premier paint after thorough cleaning. The exterior surfaces of the tanks are cleaned properly and coated with one coat of anti corrosive premier paint and two coats of high quality epoxy paint of shade as specified by customer.


Bare Bushing type of terminal arrangements brought out through porcelain/condenser bushings or cable box are provided in accordance with customer’s requirements. The outdoor transformers are normally provided with Arching horns.


Strict measures are taken to see that all the transformers are of consistently good quality and conforming to required specifications. To ensure this all routine tests are carried out at our sophisticated laboratories. Special facility for conducting heat run test is also available at our works.


All transformers are usually dispatched complete with first filling of oils. Extra oil can be supplied as and when required. The accessories are properly packed in accordance with the modern practices developed in packing.


The design & materials used, guarantee continuous trouble free service under the usual service condition for a period of 24 months from the date of dispatch during which we attend immediately to any call given by the customers.


Our transformers are supplied to various State Electricity Boards in India namely RSEB, MPEB, HPSEB, HSEB, HUDA, RAILWAYS and REC as well a sin privates sectors. Repeated orders received from them speak of our quality and service.


Our legendry after sales services is an integral part of the group’s philoshopy of customers’ service. It is a born commitment, essence of loyalty, not an obligation. This includes pre-sale Engineering Service, a guidance sale for right choice of Transformer for application and also an instant engineering after sales service to keep our customers thoroughly satisfied.


By our specified technology, we have minimized the losses on Load and No Load Voltage resulting in pay back benefit of investment is availed within 10 years by the private customers by saving of electronic consumption whereas the Govt. agencies may reduce the losses of energy consumption on transformer’s operations to a greater extent.

Minimum details required fro giving offer of transformers includes:
Fatehpuria Transformer KVA Rating
Fatehpuria Transformer No load voltage ratio
Fatehpuria Transformer Impedance
Fatehpuria Transformer Frequency
Fatehpuria Transformer Vector group
Fatehpuria Transformer Altitude if above 1000 meters
Fatehpuria Transformer Tapping range
Fatehpuria Transformer Tap changing requirements
Fatehpuria Transformer Temperature rise
Fatehpuria Transformer Outdoor or indoor
Fatehpuria Transformer Any type of optional fitting required

Fatehpuria Transformer Fatehpuria Transformer
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